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Golf Entertainment Facilities

Golf Entertainment is a growing trend, and TSG is heavily involved because of its relationship with golf entertainment practice facilities powered by BigShots Golf similar in nature to TopGolf. Click here to learn more about BigShots Golf.

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If you want to satisfy a broad audience of avid golfers working on their swings and casual non-golfers that enjoy the social aspect of the game at the same time, a facility powered by BigShots Golf is the right entertainment venue for you. People with all skill levels can enjoy the atmosphere with friends and family.

BigShots Golf technology runs all of the lobby applications and state-of-the-art gaming software in the Tee Boxes. Golfers can choose from variety of competitive, golf-simulated games for all ages and skill levels. Our unique technology allows the ability to precisely track player’s shot along its path in order to play a variety of fun games. Additionally, a full bar and restaurant can provide full food and beverage service to every Tee Box which makes going to the driving range a perfect day or night out. BigShots Golf licenses are available!

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