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Turf Solutions Group Designs and Builds Major League Inspired Fields for Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI (May 2013) - Many dream of playing professional baseball. Unfortunately, few get the chance to achieve that goal. The Rock Sports Complex wanted to bring a professional baseball experience to casual and advanced players alike. By turning to Turf Solutions Group, The Rock was able to create major league inspired baseball fields in a new and modern sports complex in Franklin, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.

The Rock Sports Complex's goal is to "promote youth and community development through a common passion for sports and recreation." Along with baseball, they also service gravity biking, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, snow-tubing and other sports. The Rock Sports Complex is open all year round, having a sport available to play at nearly any time.

Originally a French-German settlement with about twenty thousand people, Milwaukee's population has grown to more than a half million people in one hundred fifty years. It once hosted four of the world's largest breweries. Today it remains known as a beer town as a testament to its history in the business. The name of the town's professional baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers, is evident of this past reputation.

The test The Rock brought to TSG was to create six major league inspired baseball fields for Milwaukee that looked and felt like the real thing. Each field was modeled after a pre-existing major league ball park, with two fields for youth and four fields for high school, collegiate and adults. They were designed and constructed to major league specifications from their drainage and irrigation to the sod, root zone mix, and infield dirt.

"Our fields [were] designed by the very best experts and built using the very best product," The Rock advertises on TSG's work with them. Currently, The Rock works to keep the fields looking and playing at peak condition.

TSG helped The Rock bring major league baseball to anyone who wanted to experience it. For many, this is their one and only opportunity to play like a real professional. Future major league players might be playing on these fields today and will be able to attribute their success to time spent on the fields.

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