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Turf Solutions Group Announces Completion of Portable Indoor Soccer Field installation in Omaha Civic Auditorium for Omaha Vipers Soccer Team

At left, a wide view of the Omaha Vipers 32,000 square foot portable synthetic indoor soccer field in the Omaha Civic Auditorium. Turf Solutions Group developed the field for MECA, the venue's management company. At right, a photo taken at a home game of the Omaha Vipers gives us a closer view of the newly developed synthetic turf with 5mm urethane foam padding and a mix of long turf fibers as well as a short 'thatch-like' under filament.

Omaha, NEBRASKA - (April 11, 2011) Turf Solutions Group (TSG), leaders in recreational land design and development, recently was chosen to supply a 32,000-square foot removable indoor soccer field for the Omaha Vipers. The Omaha Vipers are a franchise in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) and play all home games at the Omaha Civic Auditorium, which also hosts professional indoor football and hockey teams. The field was specified and purchased by MECA, the Omaha Civic Auditorium's management company.

Jason Payne, TSG's Managing Partner, stated, "Most removable turf systems for indoor soccer use a channel system. We offered an alternative: our newest product, TSG Supreme, configured with a Velcro-anchor system specifically designed for this installation. Inherently, Velcro systems go in and come out faster than a system where you have to match one channel up to another."

Payne described TSG Supreme as a proprietary 38 oz. synthetic turf with 5 mm urethane foam padding and a mix of long turf fibers as well as a short 'thatch-like' under filament. The 15-foot wide rolls are 80 feet long and are installed by simply rolling across the field.

"The Vipers play 20 games a year and only half of those are at home," continued Payne. "This turf's newly-developed combination of ‘thatch and longer fibers' provides safety, cushioning and long life all at a slightly lighter weight — and at a price that makes sense given a moderate level of use."

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