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Turf Solutions Group Builds Nations Park for Newberry, Florida

NEWBERRY, FL (March 2013) - The sun shines on a new sixteen field complex called Nations Park in Newberry, Florida, composed of natural grass and synthetic turf. It hosts eight to fourteen year old baseball and twelve to fourteen year old girls' softball tournaments. Established by Lou Presutti, the City of Newberry hired Turf Solutions group to work on designing and building Nations Park. The scope of the project included natural grass installation, synthetic turf grass installation, laser grading, drainage and irrigation for each of the sixteen baseball fields.

Keith Ashby, City Manager of Newberry, Florida said that Turf Solutions Group did "an exemplary job in the quality and workmanship on each part of their responsibility. They kept everyone informed regarding the schedule and progress as the fields were completed, and they actively and positively participated in the construction meeting from the planning process through the competition of their scope of work. They completed their work on time and on budget. I would recommend TSG for the design and construction of sports fields to any public or private entity."

Turf Solutions Group used natural and synthetic turf to form a winning combination for each of the sixteen stadiums. By choosing to install Astroturf brand synthetic turf in the infield, Nations Park saves time and money in multiple ways. Synthetic turf can withstand much more pressure than natural turf. Since most of the action in baseball takes place infield, Nations Park can be assured that their fields will last longer and see less maintenance between games. Baseballs also bounce consistently across artificial turf, allowing infielders to fairly predict ground balls.

Settled in 1889, Newberry has witnessed a great chunk of American history, with surrounding areas serving as battle grounds for the U.S. Civil War. Nations Park calls it the "Sunny Side of Gainsville." With an average high temperature of 80 degrees year round, it is clear to see why. Newberry shares Alachua County with Gainsville, which hosts the University of Florida, home of the Gators. Their baseball team has made eight College World Series Appearances and competes in Division I of the National College Athletics Association. It is safe to assume some of the young players at Nations Park look up to these athletes. Fortunately, the work done at Nations Park can help make their dreams come true.

The stadiums have been projected to attract between ninety and one hundred twenty thousand people to Newberry each summer, which could be a fun surprise for the near five thousand local residents. Tournaments are to be held every day for players and their families from around the United States and even Canada! Nations Park provides a great sports environment not only for Newberry, Florida but for many other communities as well.

More information on tournaments, upcoming games and other Nations Park news can be found on their website at:

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