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TSG Develops Fiedler Family Ball Complex for Falls City, Nebraska

FALLS CITY, NE (March 2013) - Since the dawn of the 20th century, baseball has been at the heart of Falls City, Nebraska. To continue its long tradition in the sport, the city turned to Turf Solutions Group (TSG) to design and construct the "Fiedler Family Ball Complex."

In the 1910's, Falls City was host to Colts minor league baseball team of the Missouri, Iowa, Kansas Nebraska League or the MINK League. The opening game of the season was attended by 1,101 fans. Compare that number then to the town's current population of little more than 4,000. In June of that year, the Colts tied 0-0 against Nebraska City. The game went on for 17 innings, having to be called on account of darkness.

The goal of the "Fielder Family Ball Complex" was to keep this rich history alive with the benefits of modern technology. With it, Falls City wanted to continue providing a safe and updated location to perfect player's hitting, pitching, fielding and more. It was designed and constructed to serve the town as a place not only to play sports but to form bonds and friendships for years to come.

The funding for the project was spearheaded by Rod Vandeberg and a generous donation by Francis Fiedler of The Richardson Foundation. TSG was able to build the Hartman Field, Southeast Nebraska Communications Field, Vandeberg Field and F&M Bank Field, named after respective donators.

Along with these four fields, TSG also developed buildings for admissions and concessions, parking and modern pedestrian common areas. Each field was equipped with grand stands, dug outs and other amenities.

The fields currently the "Blue Storm" baseball teams of Nebraska American Legion Baseball. The boys are separated into two teams, senior and junior. The seniors are advanced players under 19 years of age. The juniors are limited to 17 years of age. They typically play with wooden bats and follow Major League Baseball official rules.

The efforts of Falls City and TSG's work "exemplify the extraordinary fiber and character of this great community," said Former Mayor Rod Vandeburg. He believes the fields will "provide many wonderful benefits for our young people for decades to come."

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