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Turf Solutions Group Builds Indoor Practice Facility for One of Illinois' Top Golf Teaching Professionals

LA CENTER, KY. (Feb 18, 2010) – Turf Solutions’ synthetic turf playing surface successfully resolves dust problems for the Ballard County Public Schools Indoor Athletic Training Facility during its first semester of use. The Ballad County Public Schools’ Athletic Training Facility was constructed in 2007-2008 for use by sports teams at the combined high school / middle school. After the indoor sports practice facility was in use, the school district discovered the building was not dust-free as promised. In fact, the original fill material created serious dust and health hazards, forcing them to close the building until a replacement material could be installed. Turf Solutions Group was chosen to design and install a synthetic turf playing surface in October 2009.

Ballard County Facilities Manager and Transportation Director Kerry Fulcher was responsible for finding a cost-effective solution to allow the practice facility to function. He explained, “I looked at all the products available from a variety of suppliers. Turf Solutions Group came in with the best overall proposal. They have been excellent to work with from conception to completion. Even now, if I have a question I just call them. Unlike some suppliers who are just ‘in and out,’ TSG has been right with us the whole time.”

Ballard’s multi-purpose practice facility re-surfacing was completed in the fourth quarter of 2009. 2010 will be its first full semester of use. The replacement field uses a crumb-rubber, in-filled synthetic premium turf surface, providing two-inches of cushioning and a clean, safe environment. Already, the facility is serving the practice needs of the softball, baseball, track, football and cheerleading teams for both the 386-student high school and 334-student middle school. “Everyone is happy with the new synthetic turf practice surface,” Fulcher said. “It is easy to maintain, safe and clean.”

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